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What Can You Do?

You aren't asked to go on patrols or confront criminals. Rural Watch is not a vigilante group. All you are asked to do is keep any eye on your neighbour's property and, when you notice something out of place, report it to the police.

Don't worry that you might be reporting something that turns out to be perfectly innocent. A mild embarrassment is better than the way you'd feel if your neighbour was the victim of a serious crime and you, having noticed something out of place, hadn't reported it because you didn't want to take the chance of being mistaken.


Very Clever Credit Card Scam!
Beware of people bearing gifts. The following is a recounting of the incident from the victim.

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We are a volunteer based organization that strives to promote the safety and security of all citizens and visitors to the local region.

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Calls to 310-1122 won't trigger an emergency response. The number is set aside for the public - you! - to report non-emergencies.

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