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About Us :: Covering the Entire Community (map)

Covering the Entire Community (map)

Six zones have been identified and each will have its own Community Watch organization, affiliated with the town-wide program.


  1. Lora Bay is a community that includes a mixture of traditional shoreline cottage community and a new, and growing, residential neighbourhood.
  2. Thornbury & Clarksburg form one zone linked by the Bruce St. /Marsh St. corridor. Both communities are traditional settlements with a mix of residential, commercial, dining/entertainment, and institutional properties.
  3. Southern Rural area includes the Beaver Valley and the area atop the Niagara Escarpment, where agriculture and the rural lifestyle prevail. This zone includes Ravenna, Heathcote, Kolapore, Loree, Untion, Duncan, Gibraltar, Banks and the Pretty River Valley, along with the rural countryside. 
  4. Highway 26 Corridor is a zone that is not only a heavily-traveled route, but also contains elements of the residential, commercial, and agricultural zones. It links to the major settlement areas including Camperdown.
  5. Craigleith is a quickly growing community that has attracted mainly relatively affluent families and retirees. Two small commercial nodes exist along Highway 26 and Grey Road 19.
  6. The Village at Blue Mountain presents a unique situation given its mix of commercial and residential components, events and attractions.

Each of these zones presents different policing issues, thus, each will have its own Community Watch program.


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Beware of people bearing gifts. The following is a recounting of the incident from the victim.

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We are a volunteer based organization that strives to promote the safety and security of all citizens and visitors to the local region.

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Calls to 310-1122 won't trigger an emergency response. The number is set aside for the public - you! - to report non-emergencies.

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