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Neighbourhood Watch :: An Ounce of Prevention

An Ounce of Prevention

The effectiveness of crime prevention is enhanced by active participation on the part of citizens. By calling to report suspicious persons or activity, you can help the police and make your community a safer place to live. Do you know what to look for?

Obvious Things to Watch for:

Basically, anything that seems even slightly "out of place" or is occurring at an unusual time of day could be criminal activity. Some of the most obvious activities to watch for and report includes:

  • A stranger entering your neighbour’s house when it is unoccupied, may be a burglar.
  • A scream heard anywhere may mean robbery or assault.
  • Offers of merchandise at ridiculously low prices could mean stolen property.
  • Anyone removing accessories, license plates or gas from a car should be reported.
  • Anyone peering into parked cars may be looking for a car to steal or for valuables left displayed.
  • Persons entering or leaving a business place after hours could mean burglars.
  • A sound of breaking glass or loud explosive noises could mean an accident, burglary or vandalism.
  • Persons loitering around schools, parks and secluded areas could be sex offenders.
  • Persons loitering in the neighbourhood who do not live there could be burglars.
  • Anyone forcing entrance to, or tampering with a residence, business or vehicle should be reported.

Some Not so Obvious Things to Watch for:

  • Check identification of all solicitors, meter readers, and repairmen prior to allowing entry into your home. Be suspicious of an alleged deliveryman with a wrong address or asking if someone else lives there.
  • Watch someone going door to door in your neighbourhood. If they try the door, look into windows, or go into the back or side yard, it could be a burglar. Particularly suspicious if there is a person who remains at the front of the house while the other checks or if a car is following.
  • One or more juveniles walking casually through the neighbourhood looking into vehicles, backyards etc.
  • A person running, especially if carrying something of value.
  • Someone carrying property.
  • Human traffic to and from a certain residence.
  • Any person taking a shortcut through a backyard.
  • Any vehicle moving slowly and without lights or following a course that appears aimless or repetitive in any location.
  • Parked, occupied vehicles containing one or more persons.
  • Vehicles being loaded with valuables if parked in front of a closed business.
  • Apparent business transactions conducted from a vehicle.
  • Persons being forced into vehicles.
  • An abandoned vehicle parked on your block.
  • Continuous repair operations at non-business locations.
  • Open or broken doors or windows at a closed business or residence.
  • A beam from a flashlight in a neighbour’s home.
  • Persons wearing or carrying bloody clothing.
  • Persons making a quick change of vehicles.

While some, if not all, of the suspicious situations described could have innocent explanations, the police would rather investigate a crime-prone situation than be called when it is too late.

Your call could save a life, prevent an injury, or stop a criminal act!

Please be reminded that you should lock your vehicle and remove all valuables even when parked in your own driveway. Many  items stolen are vehicle documents, GPS, wallets and packages from shopping.

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